Director: Chiara Sambuchi

ARD • 90 Min.

Production: Lavafilm

Good Morning Africa

We accompany four women in four African countries, from the wilderness of the Ugandan rain forest to the chaos of the metropolis of Dakar, from the barren spaces of the Lesotho highlands to deep into the Mozambique savannah. There is Margaret, head of a radio station in Uganda. She had to endure a lot in her life. This is exactly why she sends out “Reflections” every morning in her radio show, a message to the women of Uganda (“Women, wake up and go to work”) and by doing so gives them the strength to cope with their everyday struggle for survival. Ndéye is a car mechanic. She conquered a traditional men’s domain in the conservative society of Senegal. It is not only because of this that she has become famous but also because there is no one who can repair cars as good as she can. Even men are queuing to take lessons from her. Just as in her professional career Ndéye also in her private life goes an unusual way. She refuses to be in a polygamous marriage but yearns for a partnership and for love. Marcia wants Mozambique to be able to stand on its own feet without Western help so that people there become aware of their talents and strengths and take the initiative. To do so, she regularly says farewell to her husband and her children. Then she drives on impassable roads into the savannah into the heart of Mozambique where she believes she has found the key to a better future for her country. And finally Grace, who leads a clinic for AIDS patients in Lesotho, feeling that she balances on the verge of an abyss. But she does so with firm steps because each life that is saved is a hope for the next day.