MDR • 30 Min.

Director/Author: Chiara Sambuchi

Production: Lavafilm

Sentenced together

Cursed with the other one’s Crime

His pathological gambling turned Mike B. first into a thief, then into an arsonist and an insurance fraudster. For his wife Silke the dramatic end comes completely as a surprise: One evening policemen knock at the door, arrest Mike, and search the apartment for hours. Silke only finds out some days later by reading the newspaper what he is accused of. The story is in the news for days and Silke has the impression that everybody in her small town in Saxony is turning his head to her. She is thirty when her husband gets arrested. Overnight she had to take over the responsibility for her three children and for making a living for the family all of her own. Despite of all her anger and disappointment about her husband’s fraud she visits Mike in Chemnitz every second week and makes sure that the children don’t lose contact to their father. The film accompanies Silke and her children during one year, shows their day-to-day life but also their visits in the prison.