SWR | arte | HistoryChannel Italy | SRF • 2 x 52 Min.

Director: Roland May

Author: Roland May, Chiara Sambuchi

Production: Lavafilm | DocLab

The Baghdad Railway

Journey into the Unknown (1)
On dangerous Tracks (2)

Legendary stories are being kept alive to this day about the world famous railway system, which was designed over a hundred years ago to connect Berlin with Baghdad and Damascus with Medina. A daring enterprise at the time and a masterpiece of engineering, the Baghdad Railway tied the destinies of many well-known personalities, which represented the rivalling interests of the big European Empires: Spies, engineers, saboteurs, diplomats, archaeologists, politicians and financiers were all intent on winning what they could for their home countries – to claim whatever stake they were able to get of this new lifeline through the Middle East, or to try and prevent it from ever being finished.