Documentary (in Production)

90 Min.

Director: Chiara Sambuchi

Production: Lavafilm

The Turtle and the Cage

Seymour Papert

This is the story of the awakening of an extraordinary mind.
In 2006 Seymour Papert, the most important educationalist of the 20th century, falls due to a terrible accident into loneliness and darkness – he is locked in, inside his body, unable to communicate with the outside world. His last chance: “LOGO”, the computer language he developed.
”The Turtle and the Cage” opens a door into his amazing mind and tells the story of his awakening – from the weeks after the accident to the present. Through dialogues with him, archive footage and the creation, together with him, of a film language which describes his interior world after the accident, our documentary film tells the story of a genius, who’s learning everything again, despite the opinion of the doctors, that considered an therapy senseless. He shows that the power of the mind is almost endless and that the word “impossible” sometimes doesn’t make any sense.
Chiara Sambuchi (Lavafilm) has the exclusive rights to the story.